Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Plasma 5.0 is HERE!!!

YES!!... Finally we get to see what a (nearly, still work in progress in some aspects) finished version of the DM looks like. I must admit I was wrong because my hopes were a bit low on this one, but it feels great to be wrong this time!... The video shows ultra-smooth performance (even when screen recording), LOTS of eye-candy (it simply looks beautiful, much more modern and clean) and a much flatter and no non-sense design. Here´s a quick video:

Like I said, this is still work in progress and early days, so I would not recommend anybody jumping into it just yet. I am guessing many distros will grab this when they put out their fall releases, and the product will benefit from that breathing time.

All in all, a big CONGRATS to the KDE developers and designers, a great work overall, keep it up!